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Chilly winters can steal the warmth from traditional floors, making every step a cold reminder of inadequate heating. Seeking a more comfortable, efficient, and stylish way to heat your home? Consider underfloor heating. With Coastal Homes, experience the next level of home heating that’s both luxurious and energy-efficient. Contact us today or fill out our form to transform your space.

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Why Choose Coastal Homes for Underfloor Heating Services in Ireland?

Industry-leading Expertise

For years, Coastal Homes has been at the forefront of integrating retrofit underfloor heating in Irish homes. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your project benefits from the latest technologies and methods, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient installation.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Worried about how much underfloor heating cost Ireland? At Coastal Homes, we provide cost-effective solutions tailored to fit every budget, ensuring that Irish homeowners can enjoy the luxury and efficiency of underfloor heating without breaking the bank.

Energy Efficiency

Underfloor heating doesn’t just offer comfort; it provides an energy-efficient way to heat your home. With our systems, homeowners can experience significant reductions in energy bills over time, making it a smart long-term investment.

Dedicated Customer Service

Our customer-centric approach sets us apart. From the initial consultation to project completion, our team ensures a smooth process, addressing all your queries and concerns about retrofit underfloor heating Ireland.

Tailored for Irish Homes

Understanding the unique architectural nuances of Irish homes allows us to design systems that fit perfectly and perform optimally. Whether it’s a modern residence or a traditional cottage, we’ve got the underfloor heating solution for you.

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Get Your Dream Home in Three Easy Steps!

Design Consultation

Got a vision for your dream home? Share it with us! Our expert team is all ears, ready to understand and incorporate your unique needs into the design.


Watch your dream take shape! Our skilled builders ensure quality construction, keeping you in the loop at every step. We believe in making the process transparent and enjoyable for you.


The moment you’ve been waiting for stepping into your dream home! We ensure a smooth handover process, leaving you to enjoy the comfort and beauty of your new beautiful home.

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Professional & Experienced Underfloor Heating Company in Ireland

Irish homeowners are increasingly recognising the downsides of traditional heating methods. Cold spots, uneven heat distribution, and soaring energy bills are all challenges that can be solved with underfloor heating. Experience the comfort of walking on a warm floor, even on the coldest winter days. Our services include:

  • Retrofit Underfloor Heating Installation
  • Maintenance and Repair Services
  • System Upgrades
  • Energy Efficiency Consultations

Our Comprehensive Services

Retrofit Underfloor Heating

Increasing numbers of Irish homeowners are choosing retrofit underfloor heating. Why? It seamlessly integrates into existing homes, providing efficient, even heat distribution without the need for major renovations. With Coastal Homes, you can enjoy modern heating solutions in your timeless space. Coastal Homes makes it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Energy Efficiency Consultation

Before diving into the underfloor heating world, let our experts provide a thorough consultation. We assess your home’s current energy use, recommending solutions that optimise heating and potentially save on costs in the long run. Understand how smart choices now can lead to long-term benefits, both for your wallet and the environment.

Maintenance and Repair

Even the best systems need check-ups. Our dedicated team ensures your underfloor heating runs efficiently year-round, and if any issues arise, we’re on hand to swiftly serve them. Your underfloor heating deserves attention to detail, ensuring it delivers consistent warmth every time.

System Upgrades

Technology evolves, and so should your heating system. Whether it’s integrating the latest smart controls or enhancing energy efficiency, our upgrades ensure your underfloor heating remains state-of-the-art. Stay ahead with the latest in heating technology. Adapting to newer systems ensures you’re always experiencing the best in home comfort.

Customised Solutions

Every home is unique, and so are its heating needs. Our team offers bespoke underfloor heating designs tailored to each homeowner’s requirements, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction. Our designs are as unique as your home, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

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Dreaming of a custom-built home?

At Coastal Homes, we transform dreams into reality. Embark on your journey with us today and let’s create your perfect haven.

Services We Provide at Coastal Homes

House Extensions

House Extensions

House Renovation

House Renovation

Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors

Interior Design

Interior Design

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Our Process


It all begins with understanding your needs. Our experts visit your home, assessing its structure, existing heating systems, and your preferences. This detailed assessment ensures we craft a solution tailored for you. We take the time to immerse ourselves in your vision, ensuring our solutions align with your aspirations.

Design & Planning

Based on our consultation findings, we drafted a comprehensive plan. This blueprint ensures efficient heat distribution, optimal energy use, and seamless integration into your home’s architecture. Every detail, no matter how minute, is meticulously planned to ensure your underfloor heating works in harmony with your home.


Our experienced team handles the installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life. Using the latest tools and techniques, we guarantee a swift and efficient installation process. We respect your space, ensuring that once we’re done, all you’re left with is the comfort of your new underfloor heating.

Aftercare & Support

Our relationship doesn’t end post-installation. We offer dedicated support, ensuring your system runs optimally, and are always available for any queries or maintenance needs. Whenever you have a query, a concern, or just need advice, our team is only a call away.

What Our Client Says

Coastal Homes built my dream home! Their attention to detail and professionalism is unmatched.

I couldn’t be more happier!

Coastal Homes has a fantastic team!

They turned my vision into a reality and built a home that exceeded my expectations.

I can’t thank Coastal Homes enough! They made the construction process easy and enjoyable.

I love my new home!

Coastal Homes is the best!

They built a beautiful home that fits all my needs. The team is friendly and professional.

I had a great experience with Coastal Homes. They understood what I wanted and delivered beyond my expectations.

Coastal Homes is amazing!

They helped me design and build my dream home. The process was easy and stress-free.

I highly recommend Coastal Homes!

They made the construction process simple and enjoyable. I’m in love with my new home!”

Coastal Homes exceeded my expectations!

They built the perfect home for me. The team is professional and attentive.

I had a wonderful experience with Coastal Homes. They made the construction process easy and enjoyable.

In love with my new home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is retrofit underfloor heating and how does it differ from traditional underfloor heating?

Retrofit underfloor heating is designed to be installed in existing homes without the need for major renovations. Unlike traditional underfloor heating, which is typically installed during the construction phase of a property, retrofit systems can be seamlessly integrated into your current living space, offering the benefits of underfloor warmth without extensive disruption.

How does the cost of underfloor heating compare to traditional heating systems in Ireland?

While the initial setup cost of underfloor heating might be higher than some traditional heating systems, many homeowners find that the long-term energy savings, enhanced comfort, and increase in property value make it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, underfloor heating can be more energy-efficient, potentially reducing heating bills in the long run.

Is maintenance for underfloor heating systems frequent and complicated?

Underfloor heating systems generally require minimal maintenance. However, like any heating system, periodic check-ups are recommended to ensure everything is running smoothly. At Coastal Homes, our dedicated team offers both routine maintenance and swift repairs, should any issues arise.

How long does the installation process for retrofit underfloor heating take?

The installation time for retrofit underfloor heating varies based on the size of the area and the specific conditions of the home. Typically, many projects can be completed within a few days, but our team will provide a more accurate timeline after the initial consultation and assessment.

Can I control the temperature of my underfloor heating system?

Absolutely! Most underfloor heating systems come with thermostatic controls, allowing homeowners to adjust the temperature to their liking. Modern systems can even integrate with smart home devices, giving you the convenience of controlling your heating from your smartphone or tablet.

Is underfloor heating suitable for all types of flooring?

Underfloor heating is compatible with a wide range of flooring options, including tile, stone, laminate, and certain types of wood. However, the type of flooring can affect the heating system’s efficiency. Our experts at Coastal Homes can guide you on the best flooring choices for optimal heating performance.

Transform Your Home with Coastal Homes’ Underfloor Heating Services

Dive into the space of supreme comfort with Coastal Homes’ underfloor heating solutions. Get yourself a lifestyle where every step you take inside your home is a gentle embrace of warmth. Don’t just settle for any heating; opt for a system that adds luxury to your everyday living.

Contact us now and start your journey towards a home that truly understands and caters to your comfort needs. Remember, a quick fill-out of our contact form guarantees a response within 2-4 hours. For immediate assistance or urgent queries, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your home of warmth awaits!

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