Professional Kitchen Extensions in Ireland

Are you an Irish homeowner struggling with a kitchen space and dreaming of a stunning, brighter kitchen extension? Imagine hosting lavish dinners or enjoying breakfast in a sunlit, spacious area. Relive the comfort and aesthetics, a well-planned extension can offer. Don’t wait. Call Coastal Homes today or fill out our online contact form to transform your dream into reality.

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Why Choose Coastal Homes for Kitchen Extensions in Ireland?

Expertise in Irish Home Designs

At Coastal Homes, we’ve spent years studying and adapting to the unique architectural tastes and requirements of Irish homeowners. Each kitchen extension we design strikes a balance between modern aesthetics and the traditional Irish home feel. Our designs are not just about expanding spaces – they’re about amplifying experiences.

Transparent Pricing

Worried about the kitchen extension cost in Ireland? We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model. Before beginning the project, we provide a detailed estimate, helping you understand where every penny goes. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges, ensuring peace of mind throughout the project.

Tailored Designs

We recognise that every home, just like its owner, is unique. Our team of dedicated designers spends time understanding your specific needs, preferences, and the existing architectural layout, ensuring the kitchen extension seamlessly integrates with your home.

Speed and Efficiency

Our team understands the excitement that comes with a new kitchen extension. Hence, we work diligently to ensure timely project completion without compromising on the quality. We respect the sanctity of your home and aim to minimise disruption to your daily life.

Client Testimonials

Our reputation as the go-to company for kitchen extensions in Ireland is backed by a plethora of positive reviews and testimonials from our esteemed client. They’re not just satisfied; they’re delighted!

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Get Your Dream Home in Three Easy Steps!

Design Consultation

Got a vision for your dream home? Share it with us! Our expert team is all ears, ready to understand and incorporate your unique needs into the design.


Watch your dream take shape! Our skilled builders ensure quality construction, keeping you in the loop at every step. We believe in making the process transparent and enjoyable for you.


The moment you’ve been waiting for stepping into your dream home! We ensure a smooth handover process, leaving you to enjoy the comfort and beauty of your new beautiful home.

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Professional & Experienced Kitchen Extension Company in Ireland

Selecting the right company to oversee your kitchen extension is paramount, not just for the aesthetics but for the functionality and longevity of the investment. At Coastal Homes, we pride ourselves on being Ireland’s trusted kitchen extension specialists.

Here’s why:

  • Seasoned Expertise
  • Holistic Approach
  • Tailored Designs
  • Unwavering Quality
  • Transparent Communication

Our Comprehensive Services

Consultation & Site Visit

Before diving into designs, we take the time to visit your home. This allows us to gauge the existing architecture, understand your preferences, and provide informed recommendations tailored to your space.

Design Blueprinting & 3D Modelling

Visualisation is key. Our team crafts detailed blueprints and 3D models of the proposed extension. This way, you can see, suggest, and fine-tune the design before any construction begins.

Construction & Supervision

With approved designs, our expert builders bring your extension to life. Every phase of construction is supervised closely to ensure the end product aligns with our high standards and your expectations.

Interior Designing & Finishing

A kitchen is more than just walls and tiles. We work alongside esteemed interior designers to add the perfect finishing touches, from lighting schemes to cabinetry choices, ensuring every corner radiates warmth and functionality.

Post-Completion Support

Our relationship doesn’t end once the project is complete. We offer post-completion support, addressing any queries and ensuring your extended kitchen remains a source of joy for years to come.

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Dreaming of a custom-built home?

At Coastal Homes, we transform dreams into reality. Embark on your journey with us today and let’s create your perfect haven.

Services We Provide at Coastal Homes

House Extensions

House Extensions

House Renovation

House Renovation

Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors

Interior Design

Attic Conversion

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Our Process

Discover & Understand

The journey to your dream kitchen extension begins with understanding your vision. We invest time in understanding your needs, aspirations, and the emotions you want the new space to evoke.

Design & Approval

Post consultation, our team creates a bespoke design tailored to your needs. We provide detailed blueprints and 3D models, ensuring you’re completely satisfied before we move forward.

Build & Construct

With approved designs, our construction team, known for their careful work and craftsmanship, gets to work. We maintain constant communication, keeping you informed at every stage.

Handover & Celebrate

Once the kitchen extension is complete, a final walkthrough ensures every detail is perfect. And then, all that’s left is for you to enjoy your beautiful, spacious kitchen!

What Our Client Says

Coastal Homes built my dream home! Their attention to detail and professionalism is unmatched.

I couldn’t be more happier!

Coastal Homes has a fantastic team!

They turned my vision into a reality and built a home that exceeded my expectations.

I can’t thank Coastal Homes enough! They made the construction process easy and enjoyable.

I love my new home!

Coastal Homes is the best!

They built a beautiful home that fits all my needs. The team is friendly and professional.

I had a great experience with Coastal Homes. They understood what I wanted and delivered beyond my expectations.

Coastal Homes is amazing!

They helped me design and build my dream home. The process was easy and stress-free.

I highly recommend Coastal Homes!

They made the construction process simple and enjoyable. I’m in love with my new home!”

Coastal Homes exceeded my expectations!

They built the perfect home for me. The team is professional and attentive.

I had a wonderful experience with Coastal Homes. They made the construction process easy and enjoyable.

In love with my new home!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical kitchen extension take?

The duration of a kitchen extension varies based on the design complexity and the size of the extension. On average, a standard kitchen extension with Coastal Homes can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks. We provide a more precise timeline after our initial consultation and design phase.

What will my kitchen extension cost?

The cost of a kitchen extension depends on various factors including size, materials chosen, and any specific customisations. After our initial site visit and understanding your requirements, we provide a detailed, transparent quote to avoid any surprise expenses.

Do I need planning permission for a kitchen extension?

In many cases, kitchen extensions fall under “permitted development” in Ireland, meaning you might not require explicit planning permission. However, there are certain conditions and limits. We can guide you through this process and, if needed, assist in obtaining the necessary permissions.

Can I use my kitchen during the extension process?

While we aim to minimise disruption, there will be phases during the construction where kitchen access might be limited. We’ll communicate these periods in advance, allowing you to make necessary arrangements.

Do you offer a warranty on your kitchen extensions?

Yes, at Coastal Homes, we stand by the quality of our work. All our kitchen extensions come with a comprehensive warranty, covering both materials and craftsmanship. Specific details of the warranty are provided during the contracting phase.

If I have a specific design in my mind, Can you accommodate custom designs?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our tailored approach. Our team will work closely with you to understand, refine, and bring your specific design vision to life. Your dream kitchen is our mission.

Unlock Your Dream Kitchen Extension with Coastal Homes

In the heart of every home lies the kitchen—a space of warmth, memories, and culinary magic. If you’ve been envisioning a more spacious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen, don’t let that dream remain just a dream. With Coastal Homes by your side, your dream kitchen extension is within reach. Take the leap and fill out our contact form today. We promise a swift response within 2-4 hours. For those urgent enquiries or if you prefer a voice at the other end, do give us a call. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together and craft a kitchen space that speaks volumes of style, functionality, and homely charm.

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