Does Bathroom Renovation Add Value To A House?

by | Apr 26, 2024


Bathrooms are significant deal-breakers or makers in a home sale, with buyers often having specific expectations regarding the number of bathrooms. But how exactly does a bathroom remodel increase home value in 2024? A bathroom remodel this year can boost a home’s value by as much as 53%–58% of the renovation cost, with some remodels potentially recovering up to 71% of the expenses upon resale.

While a bathroom remodel might not recover all the investment at resale, it ranks among the projects with higher returns. Interestingly, a new bathroom can also affect offers on your house, with updates potentially adding 10-40% more value, averaging around 20% added value. Importantly, every decision, from removing the tub to selecting tile patterns, can significantly influence your return. 

In this blog, we will share some valuable insights from top real estate professionals and experienced contractors on how to strategically approach a bathroom remodel for optimal return on investment (ROI). So, let’s get started!

What is the Significance of Bathroom Renovations in Home Value?

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When it comes to increasing the value of your home, bathroom renovations play a crucial role. These upgrades are not just about making the space look better; but, they significantly influence a buyer’s decision. 

Furthermore, a well-done bathroom renovation can be a major selling point, offering a clean, modern space that appeals to a wide audience. The key is in understanding that every change, no matter how small, from the tiles to the shower head, counts. Such renovations are more than just aesthetic improvements; they effectively make the bathroom more functional and appealing. 

Consequently, this makes your home stand out in the market, potentially increasing its overall value and attractiveness to buyers. In simple terms, a smart bathroom renovation could be the difference between a quick sale and a home that stays on the market for a longer period. 

What Are the Average Costs and Returns of Bathroom Renovations?

Investing in bathroom renovations in Ireland typically involves both costs and potential returns. On average, homeowners might spend around €17,000 for midrange upgrades and nearly €55,000 for upscale renovations. The returns at resale are noteworthy, with midrange renovations often recovering about 67% of their costs, and upscale renovations approximately 60%. These figures underscore that while not all expenses are recovered, the investment can significantly enhance your home’s market value.

What Factors Influence the Value Added by Bathroom Renovations?

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Several factors contribute to the value added by bathroom renovations. Primarily, these include updating worn-out elements, modernising fixtures, and improving functional space layout. 

Moreover, aesthetic enhancements and the quality of materials used are equally important. Such improvements not only increase the bathroom’s usability but also its attractiveness to potential buyers, playing a crucial role in increasing the overall value of the home.

Top bathroom renovation projects with best Roi

When targeting the best return on investment, certain bathroom renovation projects stand out in Ireland. For example, updating old plumbing fixtures can be a cost-effective change. 

Additionally, investing in vanity upgrades, applying a fresh coat of paint, refreshing the flooring, and incorporating energy-efficient updates are strategic choices. These projects, though relatively straightforward, can transform the bathroom’s appearance and appeal, making them valuable for both current homeowners and future buyers.

Cost-Effective Strategies for Bathroom Upgrades

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t mean spending more. If you use smart, cost-effective strategies it can also lead to significant improvements. So, start by setting a clear budget and prioritising changes that offer the biggest impact, like modern fixtures or a fresh coat of paint. Consider partially DIY projects to save on labour costs, and opt for mid-range materials that offer durability and style without the premium price. 

Also, simple changes like efficient lighting or water-saving fixtures can add value while reducing long-term costs, making your renovation both financially and environmentally sustainable.

What is the Role of Professional Expertise in Bathroom Remodelling?

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Professional expertise is important in transforming your bathroom. From design trends to material selection, experienced renovators like Coastal Homes bring a wealth of knowledge, ensuring that every aspect of your renovation adds value and appeal. We can understand complex aspects of remodelling, such as plumbing and electrical work, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. 

Further, professionals also bring efficiency and quality to the project, minimising disruptions and ensuring a high-quality finish. Investing in professional services means investing in the assurance that your bathroom renovation will be done right, adding both beauty and value to your home

How to keep costs low and maximise value?

Managing expenses while renovating your bathroom is key to maximising its value. Choosing cost-effective materials and considering do-it-yourself options for simpler tasks can significantly reduce costs. For instance, opting for less expensive but reliable brands for fixtures and tiles can offer a high-end look without a hefty price tag. 

Additionally, focusing on necessary updates rather than luxury additions can help keep your budget in check. Prioritising tasks that offer the most visual and functional impact, like updating fixtures or a fresh coat of paint, can also provide good value for your investment.

What are strategic considerations for renovation?

Strategically planning your bathroom renovation is essential, especially if you’re considering selling your home soon. It’s important to balance the desire for a modern, stylish bathroom with the practical aspects of the renovation cost and potential return on investment. Simple and universal updates, like neutral colour schemes and modern fixtures, tend to appeal to a wider range of buyers. 

Furthermore, consulting with a real estate expert can provide insights into current market trends and help you decide which renovations are most likely to increase your home’s value. Remember, the goal is to enhance your bathroom in a way that appeals to potential buyers without overspending.


Bathroom renovations can significantly add value to your home, whether it’s through small updates or larger transformations. However, keeping an eye on costs and focusing on renovations with the best return on investment is key. Simple, strategic changes can make a big difference in both the functionality and appeal of your bathroom, enhancing your home’s overall value. So, if you’re considering a bathroom renovation, Coastal Homes offers expert services that align with your goals. 

Let us help you maximize your home’s value with smart, cost-effective bathroom renovation solutions. Contact Coastal Homes today for a consultation and start your journey to a more valuable home.


How much value does a bathroom remodel add?

A bathroom remodel typically doesn’t add a specific euro amount but a percentage of the investment. Minor renovations often have better returns compared to extensive ones. The added value usually doesn’t match the total investment​

Should I remodel my entire bathroom or do it in stages?

Doing the entire remodel at once is recommended for a cohesive finish, but staging the remodel is feasible if you’re on a tight budget or lack a spare bathroom​​.

How much does an average bathroom remodel cost?

The cost ranges from €5,100 to €21,250, with minor upgrades costing about €2,125 to €5,950. Full remodels, especially in master bathrooms, are more expensive.

Can bathroom renovation increase energy efficiency in my home?

Yes, incorporating energy-efficient fixtures like low-flow toilets and LED lighting can enhance energy efficiency and reduce utility costs.

Does the choice of materials impact the added value of a bathroom renovation?

Yes, high-quality materials like natural stone can significantly increase both the appeal and value of your bathroom.

How does adding a bathroom compare to renovating an existing one in terms of value addition?

Adding a new bathroom often significantly increases home value, especially in homes lacking sufficient bathrooms for their size.

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