Cost of Building a House in Ireland

by | Nov 3, 2023

Cost of Building a House In Ireland

Some people find it difficult to estimate how much it will cost to build a house in Ireland. We know this all too well because we are experts and offer the best housing solutions to everyone out there in need. We are diving headfirst into this topic in order to find practical reasons to justify the answer.

So, this blog post promises to guide you through average expenditures, elements that influence pricing, and handy tips for efficiently managing your home construction budget.

Are you ready for some straightforward advice on Irish housing construction costs? Well, then, let’s crack on!

Average Cost of Building a House in Ireland

The average cost of building a 2-storey house in Ireland is estimated to be between €1,500 and €2,500 per square metre. In Dublin, the average cost for a 3-bedroom house is around €371,311.

Estimated Cost for A 2-Storey House

Building a 2-story house in Ireland costs between €1,500 and €2,500 for each square metre. This price can change based on many things. The build type (self-build or hiring a contractor), the design of the house, and the location all impact the cost.

Taxes, levies, or any changes made during building can also change this price. But still, this range gives you a good start to plan your house-building budget in Ireland!

Average Cost for A 3-Bedroom House in Dublin: €371,311

Building a 3-bedroom house in Dublin will cost you around €371,311. This average cost takes into consideration factors like the location and size of the house, as well as the materials used and finishes chosen.

Construction costs in Ireland can vary, so it’s important to factor in all these elements when planning your budget. By considering cost-effective options and working with a qualified surveyor, you may be able to lower the overall expense of building your dream home in Dublin.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Building a House in Ireland

Several factors can significantly impact the cost of building a house in Ireland, including the location, type of build, size and design of the house, materials used, finishes and fittings chosen, professional fees, taxes and levies, project management and budget management, as well as changes or modifications during the building process.

Location of The House

The location of the house is an important factor that affects the cost of building a home in Ireland. In areas like Dublin, where demand is high, construction costs tend to be higher compared to rural areas.

This is because there are more expenses involved, such as higher land prices and increased competition for skilled labour. Additionally, certain locations may have stricter building regulations or require additional permits and planning permissions, which can add to the overall cost.

So when considering building a house in Ireland, it’s essential to take into account how the location will impact your budget and ensure you have a clear understanding of any potential extra expenses associated with your chosen area.

Type of Build

When it comes to building a house in Ireland, there are two main types: self-build and hiring a contractor. With self-build, you take on the responsibility of managing the project yourself.

This can be more time-consuming and requires knowledge of construction processes and regulations. However, it gives you more control over the design and allows for cost savings.

On the other hand, hiring a contractor means hiring professionals to handle the construction process for you. They will manage everything, from obtaining permits to coordinating subcontractors. This can be a stress-free option, especially if you’re not well-versed in construction procedures.

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Size and Design Of The House

The size and design of your house can greatly impact the cost of building it. A larger house will generally require more materials and labour, which can increase the overall expenses.

Additionally, complex or unique designs may also contribute to higher costs. It’s important to consider your needs and budget when deciding on the size and design of your home. You might want to consult with a qualified surveyor who can help you make informed decisions about cost-effective options that still meet your requirements.

By carefully considering the size and design of your house, you can build a home that fits within your budget while still meeting all your desired specifications.

Materials Used

In building a house in Ireland, the materials used play a significant role in determining the cost. Different materials have different prices and qualities. For example, using high-quality materials like bricks or stone can increase the overall cost of construction.

On the other hand, opting for cheaper alternatives such as timber frames or concrete blocks may help reduce costs. However, it’s important to consider durability and energy efficiency when choosing materials.

Remember that using sustainable and eco-friendly options can also impact the cost of building a house in Ireland.

Finishes and Fittings Chosen

The finishes and fittings you choose for your house will have an impact on the overall cost. If you opt for high-end materials and luxurious finishes, it can increase your expenses.

On the other hand, choosing more affordable options and standard fittings can help keep costs down. It’s important to consider your budget and priorities when making these decisions.

Professional Fees

When building a house in Ireland, it’s essential to consider professional fees. These are the costs associated with hiring professionals like architects, engineers, and surveyors to design and oversee the construction process.

The fees can vary depending on the complexity of your project and the professionals you choose to work with. It’s important to budget for these fees, as they can add up and affect your overall building expenses.

By including professional fees in your budget from the start, you can ensure that you have a realistic estimate of the total cost of building your house in Ireland.

Taxes and levies

Taxes and levies are additional costs that you need to consider when building a house in Ireland. These expenses can impact your overall budget, so it’s important to be aware of them.

When constructing a new home, you may have to pay various taxes, such as value-added tax (VAT), on the materials and services used during construction. Additionally, there might be levies for planning permission or development contributions imposed by local authorities.

These charges help fund infrastructure projects like roads and schools in the area where your house is being built. It’s essential to factor in these taxes and levies when estimating the total cost of building your dream home in Ireland.

Project Management and Budget Management

Managing a housebuilding project involves overseeing every aspect of the construction process and making sure things stay on track and within budget. It’s important to have good project management skills and keep a close eye on finances.

This includes creating a detailed budget that considers all the costs involved, such as materials, labour, permits, and professional fees. By carefully managing the budget, you can make informed decisions about where to allocate resources and avoid any unexpected expenses.

Additionally, having a well-planned project schedule helps ensure that tasks are completed in a timely manner and avoids delays or disruptions. Effective project management and budget management are crucial for ensuring your housebuilding journey is smooth and successful.

Changes or Modifications During the Building Process

During the building process, it’s common for changes or modifications to occur. These can happen due to various reasons, such as design preferences, unforeseen issues, or budget constraints.

It’s important to be prepared for these changes and understand that they may impact the overall cost of your house construction project. Keep in mind that alterations during the process could increase expenses, so it’s advisable to work closely with your contractors and communicate any desired changes promptly.

By staying involved and flexible throughout the building process, you can ensure that your house is built according to your vision while managing any adjustments effectively.


The cost of building a house in Ireland can vary widely depending on factors such as location, type of build, size and design, materials used, finishes chosen, and professional fees.

On average, it can range from €1,500 to €2,500 per square meter for a two-story house. In Dublin, the average cost for a three-bedroom house is around €371,311. By considering these factors and seeking cost-effective options with the help of a qualified surveyor, homeowners can better manage their construction budget and build their dream home within their means.


What does it cost to build a house in Ireland?

The cost of building a house in Ireland depends on many factors, such as building materials, labor costs, and location, like Dublin.

How do I budget for the materials of the house?

You should start by estimating the cost by easuring the size of home in Ireland, and secondly the price of materials, and labour charges.

Are there any fees other than construction involved when building a home?

Yes! In addition to the average expenses of building, permits from Ireland’s local authorities are also needed to begin housing development or property improvement tasks.

What impacts the total amount spent on constructing a dwelling in Ireland?

Apart from material pricing and worker charges, aspects like design complexity and size (like a two-story or bedroom) may impact your house-building budget significantly.

Do prices differ across different areas within Ireland?

Indeed! Housebuilding expenses can vary greatly depending on where you’re located within Ireland, with places such as Dublin being generally more expensive.

How can I get an accurate calculation for my new home project?

For an accurate calculation for your house project, consider consulting experts who specialise in making careful estimates, including breakdowns covering all potential costs related to Irish housing projects.

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